Hatching Chicks!                
Welcome to Horsenden Primary School
Welcome to Horsenden Primary School

Dear Parents and Carers

Another enjoyable (and hard working) week has passed and we have all enjoyed watching those lovely chicks hatch...at last! 

Many of the Year 5 parents and carers really enjoyed the Year 5 sharing assembly, on Friday 1 May.  We heard all about space and saw the homework the children had produced on the solar system.  We learnt about the pancakes which had been made, how to order a bagette (if children found themselves in a French cafe) and we also heard some of the creative writing they had produced.  They sang us the song they had been practising for the VE (Victory in Europe) Day (70th anniversary)...on Friday 8 May.

The children from Year 1 to Year 6 heard all about the May Day traditions, during the May Day assemblies eg Morris Dancers and Maypole Dancing, May Queens and how the young girls used to wash their faces in the early morning dew, so that they could look as beautiful as possible!  May Day is, traditionally, when people are hoping that winter and all the cold weather is behind us and the warmer days of summer are on their way. 

The VE Day commemorations, marking the end of the war in Europe, will begin with a day of remembrance on Friday May 8th, followed by a day of celebration and a third day with a theme of thanksgiving.  At 3.00 pm on May 8th, the precise moment, in 1945, when Winston Churchill officially declared the end of the war in Europe, a two minutes' silence will be observed across Britain.  'Schools will hold their own VE events, during the day, observing the silence, and conducting activities such as reading Churchill's speech, announcing the end of the war...' (Telegraph article in March).  At Horsenden, we will be asking the children and adults to come to school dressed in 1940's style clothes or dressed in red, white and blue.  There will be special assemblies for Reception and KS1 and KS2, where the children will be sharing songs, dances and interesting facts about VE Day...and, of course, celebrating.  We have already sold hundreds and hundreds of flags but, don't worry...we have ordered hundreds more so you can still buy them from the office!

Children, from Reception, are visiting Odds Farm during the week beginning Tuesday 5 May; on Tuesday 19 May, children from Year 2 are off to the Lincoldnsfields Children's Centre to take part in their 'Children at War' day where they will learn what it was like to be a child, in England, during World War II.  On Wednesday 20 May, 54 members of Year 4 (plus staff) will be going for a two day (residential) to Lincoldsfields Children's Centre.  They will be taking part in outdoor activities such as orienteering.

Finally, do remember we have a Guest Book feature on the website. Click on the blue, Guest Book button on the right hand side of the webpage. Here, you can leave feedback and make comments. The Guest Book is moderated and checked each day by Miss Holden. It would be lovely to receive comments from the Horsenden website users. The children are clearly enjoying this feature... have a look at their positive comments! Remember you can translate the website into a language of your choice by simply clicking the `Select Language' button at the top of the webpage.

We are so pleased with our developing website! We hope you are enjoying it too.

As always, watch this space for news and updates.

Mrs Walton

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