Welcome to Horsenden Primary School
Welcome to Horsenden Primary School
Dear Parents and Carers
Can you believe we are all due to be back soon...having enjoyed a lovely break?  Well we are...and although nearly all of you (apart from the children who were given places over the summer holiday) will have been given the information below, about who is in school, from which date and at which times, it may now be a distant memory which is why I am reminding you on this page.  You will be aware that the web site is new and that we are still trying to work out how to use it BUT I managed to get onto this page in order to note down important information!!!
YEARS 1 - 6 : start back on Wendesday 3 September from 8.55 am - 3.15 pm
RECEPTIONchildren have a staggered start back, as a general rule:
Children who used to be in the morning session of Nursery, last year, come in on Wednesday 3 September until Monday 8 September from 8.55 am - 11.30 am
Children who used to be in the afternoon session of Nursery , last year, come in on Wednesday 3 September until Monday 8 September from 12.45 pm until 3.15 pm
From Tuesday 9 September  until Friday 12 September,  the morning sessions 'adds on' the lunchtime period and so those coming in the morning come from 8.55 am - 1.00 pm 
From Tuesday 9 September until Friday 12 September, the afternoon sessions starts with the lunchtime period and so those coming in the afternoon come from 11.30 - 3.15 pm. 
Any new children joining (who were not in the Nursery last year) have been allocated a morning or afternoon session and should therefore know what to do from the above information.
Reception start back, full time, on Monday 15 September from 8.55 am - 3.15 pm.
NURSERY : those who are in the FIRST or SECOND intake already know who they are
Home visits start during the week beginning 8 September
Monday 22 September: Registration sessions for all Nursery children
Tuesday 23 September FIRST intake of Nursery starts
Monday 29 September SECOND intake of Nursery starts
We look forward to welcoming everyone back and a special welcome needs to go to all those who may be new to the school!  At the time of writing this, we might not even know who you are but you can be sure to have a happy time when you join Horsenden Primary School and Children's Centre. 
There has been lots of building work taking place, over the holiday!  If there are any changes as to where children need to line up or changes to ANY routine, don't worry...there will be marshalls out to make sure that everyone knows where to go!
All members of staff are thinking about the children who left, from Year 6, at the end of the summer term, and we hope they all have a great start at their respective high schools!  Good luck if you are reading this folks!
Mrs Walton
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