Welcome to Horsenden Primary School
Welcome to Horsenden Primary School


Dear Parents and Carers

This is such a busy time of year with all the various activities which take place...and lots more still to come before the end of term. The Newsletter, for November, is out early next week so I am sure, like the children, you look forward to seeing each new edition!    What a show the Year 5 one was on Friday 20 November!  It was called 'Shakespeare Rocks' and the whole hall rocked! At the time of writing this, the parents and carers of those in Year 4 will be looking forward to coming to the Year 4 show, 'Hosanna Rock'.  Most of the children in the school will already have enjoyed the show and we know those Year 4 parents/carers are in for a real treat.  All the Key Stage 2 shows will then have been performed and we look forward to the Year 1 and Year 2 shows.  These will be held in the new hall and it will be the first time we have performed shows there.  Due to the size of the hall, we have taken bookings for tickets, over there, simply because we know we could not have the parents and carers of all four classes turn up at the same time...or there would not be enough room for them.  We have tried to think about how the audience will arrive (for the Year 1 and Year 2 performances) so that we don't have 'audience rage' eg overtaking etc.  After this first year of performances, we should have a 'slick' system in place!

What else is happeneing??? Well, it is difficult to keep up!  Year 4 are having a Roman Day (I believe) in the next couple of weeks and Year 1 are at the Arts Depot seeing the show, 'Room on a Broom'. Some of the choir are singing at an evening event on Monday 30 December and all the choir are singing at an event, on 9 December, where we know there will be some very important guests!  Watch this space!!!  Years 5 and 6 are practising for the 'All Hallows' concert that was which USED to be down at All Hallows but because members of the church have asked if it can now be held here (for a whole set of reasons) it will be!  We are still not quite sure what the new name of the concert will be but it is when the Year 5 and Year 6 children entertain the elderly in the communnity.  Year 5 will be attending the William Perkin Carol Concert which is in the last week of this term.  Those who have children in Year 3-6 will know that many are thinking of taking part in 'The X Factor' on the last day of term.  This is always an exciting and enjoyable event and mose of the children in the school get to see the performances.

During the week beginning 16 November we had our anti-bullying week (even though anti-bullying now runs for a  month)!   Many of the assemblies were about anti-bullying and the teachers talked through issues connected with bullying with the children.  The Lego Technology sessions started in that week, with the Year 3 pupils, and they LOVED the sessions!  Two Year 3 classes will have the lessons one week and then two the following week and then the first two again...and so on!  We were able to afford these as we submitted a bid and were successful in getting some money!

For those of you waiting for the photos of the Year 1 and Year 2 children...I am almost giving up on them...but not quite yet!



 Mrs Walton




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