Welcome to Horsenden Primary School
Welcome to Horsenden Primary School
Dear Parents and Carers
We have all enjoyed our first full week in school and what an action packed time it was!  The children (in Years 1 to 6) have been working on our new behaviour 'code' although we haven't decided what to call the 'code' yet.  They will probably have told you all about the short, uplifting, video clips they have had at the start of the last couple of assemblies.  We are basing the code around the first part of HORSENDEN...HORSE...with the H being for (be) Happy, the O being (be) Organised the R being (be) Respectful, the S being (be) Safe and the E being (be) Excellent.  A hand with the thumb and four fingers will help the children to remember the five words and ways of 'being'.
Many of you have been in, recently, to hear about the changes there might be, moving from one year group to another or to find out about school journeys which may be happening in your child's year group or to find out about, for example, high school transfer.  It was lovely to see so many of you. We usually send out year groups organisational information at this time of year, letting you know the arrangements for homework, telling you about when your child's swimming day is and so on but as year leaders will be uploading these to the website the information just need sto be checked for consistency of message!  Watch this space!  You will notice that year group leaders will start uploading year group letters and updating their news.  The Nursery team has already uploaded a newsletter and the Nursery children aren't even in school yet (as home visits are taking place)!
Thanks to everyone for being so accommodating when all the building work is taking place.  It won't be long and we will have space INSIDE our present building and space for the new Year 1 and 2 children in the new building.  You will have noticed a pirate ship has sailed into the Key Stage 1 playground and docked just where the old spiral used to be.  The Year 1 and Year 2 children will be playing on it soon...and when the new building is ready, the year 3 children too!  What an exciting development.  A competition will be running for the younger children (Years 1, 2 and 3) and letters about this will be sent out during the week beginning 15 September 2014.
The inside of the building looks so attractive...expecially the classroom areas where the children spend most of their time.  How hard everone worked over the summer for that to be the case.  No wonder the children can't wait to get to school!  Of course, it could also be that they want their class to win the 'Cinema' Experience' (for the best attendance) and enjoy the treat!
You will remember that all primary schools, including ours, are teaching a new curriculum from the start of this academic year and so everyone has been busy planning it. Eventually you will all be able to see the whole school picture as to what is going on in each and every year group. 
I am leaving these reminders on the page:
Reception start back, full time, on Monday 15 September from 8.55 am - 3.15 pm.
NURSERY : those who are in the FIRST or SECOND intake already know who they are
Home visits start during the week beginning 8 September
Monday 22 September: Registration sessions for all Nursery children
Tuesday 23 September FIRST intake of Nursery starts
Monday 29 September SECOND intake of Nursery starts
We have had so many children visiting from their new high schools and I took a photo of a set of children who visited on Friday 12 September...and that will appear soon.    I have to read the manual or ask for help with uploading photos.
Mrs Walton
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