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Welcome to Horsenden Primary School
Welcome to Horsenden Primary School

Dear Parents and Carers

We had a lovely end to our week...with children in Years 1 to 6 enjoying 'Pancake Day' assemblies and the Nursery children (both am and pm) parading around the school singing a lovely Chinese New Year song while frightening us with their Dragon Parade and making a terrrific noise to frighten us further!  Tossing pancakes has become a tradition of the school now, established, last year, by Mrs Wright...who left us that legacy on her retirement!  This year, we made sure that the children were not disadvantaged by having pans that were too heavy...and what happened...they ALL beat the adults who were competing.  There were three competitions.  There was a Year 3 and Year 4 one (adults against children and all against the clock), a Year 5 and Year 6 one and then a Year 1 and Year 2 one.  Great fun was had by all!  The winners were:

Anas (Y4) with 44 pancake flips

Kavisha (Y6) with 42 pancake flips

Ethan (Y1) with 27 pancake flips

The winners received pancakes!!

During the assemblies, apart from hearing all about the traditions connected to Pancake Day (Shrove Tuesday), the children also heard all about the World Book Day Competition which you can read about if you click on to the ticker tape on this web site.  We can't wait to see all the entries!


Bikeability training continued for the Year 5 pupils, who have only one session left before their training comes to an end (which is the week leading up to half term).  This week, Year 5 started taking part in the 'Eat Like a Champ' project which is run by Danone.  This is a programme which encourages young people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. The Year 5 parents have received a separate letter re: this and the lead on the project, this year, is Mrs Villaruel, the Acting Year 5 Leader.

Nursery consultations continued, this week, and parents/carers were in to look through their child's Learning Journeys and have the conversations with Key Workers and others.  Mrs French, who is off following a kidney transplant, came in to be part of some of those discussions and we are very appreciative that she did.   We found out, on Thursday 4 February that she will start to ease herself back into work, following her operation, during the week following half term with her first day back on Tuesday 23 February.  We will all be welcoming her back!

A few weeks ago, Miss Holden circulated reminder letters to all Reception to Year Six parents/carers about MyUSO and easyUSO. MyUSO is a password-protected application launcher and bookmarking service accessible to all pupils and staff members in USO-enabled schools. Staff and pupils can easily access all the MyUSO services by clicking on the link on the top right hand side of the school website. MyUSO presents a simple, convenient and organised route to online resources. Have you had a look at all the marvellous and FREE resources on offer?          


We continue to publicise the achievements of our pupils outside of school, click on the `Home' tab, followed by the `Achievements Outside of School' tab. Recent uploads to this section include hearing about Brinda from Year Three earning her Grade One certificate (with a Distinction) in Indian Dancing, hearing about Daniel from Year Six winning the prestigious `Golden Shoe' award whilst playing for Hanwell FC and hearing about Julia from Year Six who has been presented with medals for her Latin and ballroom dancing. Miss Holden always enjoys hearing about the marvellous achievements outside of school. Feel free to contact her on and share the news of any achievements. Miss Holden, in turn, will share the news with the rest of the world!  

For those of you (continuing) to wait for the Osborne photos of the Year One and Year Two children (which were taken on the completion of the new building)...Mrs Pearson, the School Business Manager, continues to chase them...the photographer AND the photos!

The next Father Figure Saturday is on Saturday 13 February and those special cards will be eing it is an art and craft session.  It was wonderful to see so many dads at the last Saturday event, which was a cooking one.  I am sure that those who attended that (and there were 21 of you) will enjoy making the Valentine cards too!  Flyers advertising the event will be sent out to the younger year groups during the week beginning 8 February.

I know that most of you will be in for the Parents' Meetings which are during the week beginning 8 February and then...we will all be looking forward to our half term holiday!



Mrs Walton

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