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Welcome to Horsenden Primary School
Welcome to Horsenden Primary School

Dear Parents and Carers

As you know, we took part in 'Children in Need' on Friday 14 November 2014 and I am leaving the photos here for a while so that you can continue to enjoy them; click on the bottom of the page to see them! 

Excluding 2N and 6H (who are yet to have their  Autumn Term Parents' Evenings) there are only 11 parents/carers who have not met with their child's class teacher.  Thanks to all those who have.  We are considering changing the Autumn Term Parents' Meetings to after half term, next year, making them slightly longer and showing the books/work etc.  More on this will follow soon!

Year 5 is our next seasonal entertainment and that is on Friday 28 November at the usual time of 2.00 pm.  If you are attending, please try to get there on time! The show is called 'Robin and the Sherwood Hoodies'.  Good luck to them in the 'run up' to their show.  I have just read/checked a letter from Reception to say that they will be having 'festive singing' in their classes on Wednesday 17  December at 2.30 pm so, if you are a parent/parents of a child in Reception, you may wish to come along and enjoy that event.  We will open the main gates at 2.20 let everyone in!  Wednesday 17 December is also 'Christmas Dinner Day'.  Harrison Catering Services are our meals' provider and they have always made sure we have a lovely meal on that day.  Please make sure you order your child's lunch by the deadline date of Wednesday 3 December.  I have included the letter at the bottom of this case you have lost yours!

Miss Borsig is organising the ceremony for the official naming of our pirate ship!  Watch this space!

Thanks to everyone who sent in the filled 'Operation Christmas Child' boxes which were collected on Monday 24 November.  We have not yet been told where they are going but we have 95 of them...going somewhere!  How lovely it will be for a child who receives one of ours!


Mrs Walton

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