Welcome to Horsenden Primary School
Welcome to Horsenden Primary School

Dear Parents and Carers


Over the weekend of 16 and 17 April and then on Monday 18 April the local Islamic place of worship (the Bilal Masjid) held some open sessions, where members of the public and those in the community to go and visit the exhibition set up there.  I went with Mrs Wright (the Deputy Headteacher who retired from her post last summer) and we spent about one and a half hours enjoying the exhibition, speaking to those there and having refreshments.  We felt very welcomed and those there made the whole event so interesting.  There was an official photographer present (or he seemed to be the official photographer) so as soon as we receive the photos we will upload them to the web site.  Pupils from the School Council attended on the Monday with the Chair of Governors, Cllr Shital Manro, Miss Harrison and Mrs Wright.  They too enjoyed the outing.  Thanks to Mr Khan, the Community, Welfare and Social administrator for inviting us.  I shall be reading the beautiful version of the translated Koran (Quran) we were given, when I am able.  

You may have noticed that the Year 4 classes have been out and about in the locality, sketching different architectural features!  It is so lovely when the weather is warm, sunny and shower free allowing the children access to the outside environment.  

The two classes who won the attendance award and enjoyed 'The Cinema Experience' during the week beginning 18 April were, Mr Joahill's class (1D) who chose to watch 'Kung Foo Panda 2' and Mr Gami's class (6S) who chose to watch 'Hotel Transylvania 2'.   Miss Holden held two special (short) assemblies to draw the bicycle winners, on Friday 22 April, when the lucky tickets were picked from the box of ALL the tickets. Aarani, from 1N,  won the Reception and Key Stage 1 bicycle and Aava, from 6D, won the Key Stage 2 one.  The draws generate so much excitement.  The main assembly, on Friday 22 April, was the Year 3 sharing assembly and there was a packed main building hall where the event was enjoyed by so many!  Thanks to all those parents and friends who attended.  We heard, through song, some of the learning which had been happening across the year...in Year 3.  I particularly enjoyed the Egyptian song which was all about mummification.  They are due to go on a school trip, on Tuesday 26 April, to the British Museum where they will find out more about the Egyptians, as well as many other things.

Just in case parents are interested, Miss Borsig gave me a book entitled 'A-Z of Grammar' and, although it was for teachers, with grammar being such an 'in' thing, at the moment, I thought you may like to order it.  There is a copy with Mrs O'Connor, in the office, if you wish to see it BUT...some of you might find it useful...especially if you did not come through a time when grammar was taught!  The ISBN number is ISBN 978-0-00-817292-3.  I thought it looked quite good!  When I was young, we actually had been taught grammar at primary school but that was a long, long time ago!



We continue to try and improve the communication in the school and so many of you have said how much you appreciate what is uploaded to the website, by year group teams, as well as others. Miss Holden ensures that the quality of what is on our web site is of a high standard, so thanks to her. It must be wonderful to see what your children are doing, each and every day! We try to find out what we can do to improve and consider all the comments which come to us, whether names or anonymously. 

We continue to publicise the achievements of our pupils outside of school, click on the `Home' tab, followed by the `Achievements Outside of School' tab. Recent uploads to this section include hearing about Mustafa's swimming and Viya's cub scout awards. Miss Holden always enjoys hearing about the marvellous achievements outside of school. Feel free to contact her on kholden@horsenden.ealing.sch.uk and share the news of any achievements. Miss Holden, in turn, will share the news with the rest of the world!  

For those of you (continuing) to wait for the Osborne photos of the Year One and Year Two children (which were taken on the completion of the new building)... Mrs Pearson, the School Business Manager, continues to chase them... the photographer AND the photos!

Mrs Walton :)

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