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Welcome to Horsenden Primary School
Welcome to Horsenden Primary School

Dear Parents and Carers

There have been lots of exciting things happening at school. 

We are looking forward to World Book Day, on 5 March, and we have entered two competitions.  For the first, the choir prepared a song, which was filmed, and all the children will be able to appreciate the choir's singing on World Book Day.  Of course, we will upload their performance for everyone to enjoy!  The second competition has the marvellous prize of David Walliams arriving at the school, in a helicopter!  Ramneek, in Year 6, was really keen to enter this competition which was about writing something in fewer than fifty words.  Mrs Wright managed to achieve this mission...and in 49 words.  Watch this space for further updates regarding these two exciting competitions! 

The children have recently heard about our new set of all singing/all dancing digital cameras which children will be able to use as part of their computing curriculum.  We are looking forward to year groups posting images/movies to the website.  The children also heard about our new set of headphones which means that, when they visit the ICT room, they can hear the computer programme...without everyone else hearing whatever they may be hearing.  These headphones were purchased in response to a request from members of the school council, who meet regularly and discuss ways of improving what is already happening in the school.

This time of the year we are always keeping our eyes on the weather and, as you will have seen, many areas of the country have already had snow.  In the event of having snow...keep referring to the school website for the latest updates and the children from Years 1-6 all know how to find work if they can't get into school.  Over the next few days, we will be updating our snow plan arrangements and making sure that you all know what they are.

Continue to check out all the new sections of the web site and all the recent uploads.  So many marvellous things are happening in school, every single day, and it is fantastic to be able to share these moments with you all.  Have you saved the Horsenden website to your favourites list yet?  Why not do it now?

We really enjoy sharing achievements outside of school. You can contact Miss Holden, on the e-mail provided (, and she will organise the achievement being shared with the school community...and indeed...the world!

Mrs Walton

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