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Welcome to Horsenden Primary School
Welcome to Horsenden Primary School


Dear Parents and Carers


It seems as though we have all been back for such a long time now...and everyone is really settled in! We are looking forward to the forthcoming Family Learning Day, which is on Saturday 4 October and has a variety of activities including art, cooking and dance. The circus is coming to town, for a week, from 29 September (for Years 4, 5 and 6) until the 3 October and then staying for the Family Learning Day! Our HORSE CODES are up and around the school...with the H being for (be) Happy, the O being (be) Organised the R being (be) Respectful, the S being (be) Safe and the E being (be) Excellent. Everyone from Year 1 to Year 6 will have had assemblies about our HORSE CODE and the Reception children will have been talking about them in their classrooms. A hand with the thumb and four fingers will help the children to remember the five words and ways of 'being'.


Children from Years 1 to 3 will be receiving a letter about naming our pirate ship and the letter will also be attached to this page...but not until Monday 29 September. The children in Year 1 and 2 are playing on the ship already but Year 3 won't be able to until we move into our new Year 1 and 2 block! Not long to wait now Year 3!!!


By Monday 29 September, all the Nursery children will be in and our school will be full!


The web site is beginning to be populated and in the very near future all children will be receiving information about their username and password in order to access the Online Learning tab which will be at the top of the web page. The Online Learning will give the children access to a huge range of learning resources that cover every part of the curriculum. They will be able to save their work, online, and access it in school and at home! We are hoping that the website will become a valuable resource for the whole school community. Miss Holden updates all the attendance award information, on a weekly basis. (Why don't you have a look at your child's class and see where they are on the league?) Year Leaders are beginning to populate their sections of the website and, for example, the Reception Team have uploaded a document outlining their curriculum coverage, for the Autumn Term. Other Year Leaders will be following suit! One of the handy sections, of the website, is the Latest News section. Here, you will find information about, for example, the forthcoming Family Learning Day. In the Term Date section, you will find the term dates for this academic year as a pdf attachment. Simply click on the attachment to find the term dates for this year.


The inside of the building looks so attractive...especially the classroom areas where the children spend most of their time. How hard everyone worked over the summer for that to be the case. No wonder the children can't wait to get to school! Of course, it could also be that they want their class to win the 'Cinema' Experience' (for the best attendance) and enjoy the treat!


Attached is the latest Newsletter...for September...but you will also find it in the Newsletter section!


Mrs Walton


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