Winners of the Attendance Bikes!                
Welcome to Horsenden Primary School
Welcome to Horsenden Primary School

Dear Parents and Carers

It has been an action packed time...since our return! 

During the week beginning 5 January, both the Reception to Year 3 winners and the Year 4 to Year 6 winners of the attendance leagues for the autumn term were announced and the winners were 1N, who chose to watch 'Frozen', and 5D, who chose to watch 'The Lego Movie'.  They all really enjoyed 'The Cinema Experience', on Thursday 15 January and Friday 16 January. 

World Book Day is coming up on 5 March.  The choir are busy learning a song which we will be entering for a 'World Book Day' Competition and this will be heard by the rest of the school population on 'World Book Day' itself.  It will be kept a surprise from the rest of the pupils until the actual day, which is when we have 'World Book Day' assembies. The choir will probably visit the Reception classes and the Nursery classes to sing it to them!

As part of the 'National Obesity Awareness Week' (this week) and organised by 'Eat Like a Champ',  three Year 5 pupils attended an event at the Houses of Parliament...with Miss Troughton and Mrs Metcalf.  They all enjoyed the trip and came back with lots of 'goodies'! There were three teams competing from Ealing and the Ealing North MP, Steve Pound, was in the Horsenden team.  Our team won and the children were presented with a trophy and well as boxes of chocolates!  We were told that the photos taken would be in the national press so keep a look out for them.  We were told all about it in the Year 4, 5 and 6 assembly on Friday 16 January when we were played in and out of assembly by Ramneek, Elys-anne and Anand.  It was beautiful to hear the 'Theme from Titanic' being played on the recorders...accompanied by Mrs Bennet, on the keyboard.   Years 1, 2 and 3 were played in to the theme so that they could appreciate the beauty of the music too! 

There was a multiskills event held at The Ellen Wilkinson School for Girls, on Thursday 15 January, and 10 of our Year 3 pupils attended.  The photos have not yet been included anywhere as, on the Friday 16 January, only some of the children had their medals.  We are hoping that all the medal winners will bring in their medals, on Friday 23 January, so that we can have a group photo!  Several children spoke to me when leaving school on the Thursday...all enthused and excited at the events which had occurred while they were at Ellen Wilkinson. 

A cooking club is now happening on a Thursday evening, after school, and it was open to Year 5 pupils.  This week, they made some gorgeous Italian bread and the smell wafted through the school building.  Lovely!

Every Friday, parents and carers are coming to to Reception to look at their child's Learning Journey, with their child, and they are speaking to the Reception members of staff.  The parents/carers have found it a wonderful experience and have given the members of staff lots of positive feedback.  These Friday sessions will continue up until half-term.   In the Nursery, parents/carers are coming in before and after school to look at the Learning Journeys.  These sessions will probably continue until the end of February...or until everyone has been in.

You will be pleased to hear that Mrs Dench had a baby girl, on 2 January,  who is called Hettie Audrey.  I am sure she will be in soon so that the children will be able to see the new addition to her family.  The children were told during the first week back.

 Continue to check out all the new sections of the web site.  The year group sections are being populated more and more now and you will be able to find out what is happening in and around the school. Have a look at the 'Achievement Outside of School' section under the 'Home' tab.  You can contact Miss Holden, on the e-mail provided (, and she will organise the achievement being shared with the school community...and indeed...the world!

Mrs Walton

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