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Welcome to Horsenden Primary School
Welcome to Horsenden Primary School

Dear Parents and Carers

We had a busy start to the week leading up to half term and it would have been good had we not had the heavy winds from the storm which was with us on the Monday! The last session of Bikeability (for the Year 5 Group) was early in the week and, in heavy winds, that was the most concerning but everything went smoothly for the session.  Year 3 had pedestrian skills training which we receive as part of our school travel plan and we hope that we will have these running in Year 3, each year.  Small groups of children go out with the leaders and a teaching assistant to learn about what makes a good pedestrian and how children can keep themselves safe on the roads.  Miss Harrison organised the training which we hope will be very beneficial to those chidren, both now and in the future.  A member of the police force visited the Reception children as part of the police's 'Keeping Safe' campaign and they were talking to the children about 'Stranger Danger'. The visits started on the Monday and continued on the Tuesday.  Also on the Tuesday, a member of the Fire Brigade came to give a talk about fire safety to the Year 4 children; on the Wednesday it was the turn of the Year 2 children.  I am sure you know that we spend lots of time talking to children about how they can keep themselves safe and we make special mentions of this just before holidays.  The emphasis is (now) usually put on how they can keep themselves safe on line as we hear of some many sad events where children and young people have been unable to do this.  I am sure, like us, you are continually speaking to your children about what they need to do to keep themselves safe.  Year 6 went off to some science sessions,, offered by William Perkin; everyone seemed to have glowing things to say about the sessions.

The assembly on Friday 12 February was connected with Mental Health Week (which is the week beginning 8 February) and children from Years 1 to 6 heard the story about poor Gerald, the giraffe who couldn't dance.  The story is a lovely one and you can find it on the internet if you would like to watch it with your children.  A message about resilience was given at the time of telling the story...which is about sticking at of the great life skills we all want to have and we try and encourage in the children.  Gerald found that, if he had the right music, he actually COULD dance, and rather well.  Why not ask your children about the messages in the story?  Another message was that we all have to feel good about ourselves and, if we don't, there are lots of ways we can start to again eg by talking to someone.  This is what so many of the children do, at school, and so many of us use the wonderful services of Place2Be at individual sessions and group sessions.  Children have Place2Talk sessions whereas adults have Place2Think sessions.  This is a Place2Be school, together with many of the schools in Ealing.  

At the end of the assembly, I told the children about the 'Magical Lantern Festival' which is happening at Chiswick House Gardens ( and is running from 3 February through to 6 March 2016.  The date of the Chinese Lantern Festival is actually the first day back after half term (Monday 22 February) but it would be wonderful if you could take your children to it as it looks like a great event.  I will be going on Friday 12 soon as I have finished writing this!!!


As you know, Mrs French (one of our Nursery teachers,  she will start to ease herself back into work, following her kidney transplant operation.  You will see her back in school during the week following half term with her first day back on Tuesday 23 February.  We will all be happy to welcome her back!

A few weeks ago, Miss Holden circulated reminder letters to all Reception to Year Six parents/carers about MyUSO and easyUSO. MyUSO is a password-protected application launcher and bookmarking service accessible to all pupils and staff members in USO-enabled schools. Staff and pupils can easily access all the MyUSO services by clicking on the link on the top right hand side of the school website. MyUSO presents a simple, convenient and organised route to online resources. Have you had a look at all the marvellous and FREE resources on offer?          


We continue to publicise the achievements of our pupils outside of school, click on the `Home' tab, followed by the `Achievements Outside of School' tab. Recent uploads to this section include hearing about Brinda from Year Three earning her Grade One certificate (with a Distinction) in Indian Dancing, hearing about Daniel from Year Six winning the prestigious `Golden Shoe' award whilst playing for Hanwell FC and hearing about Julia from Year Six who has been presented with medals for her Latin and ballroom dancing. Miss Holden always enjoys hearing about the marvellous achievements outside of school. Feel free to contact her on and share the news of any achievements. Miss Holden, in turn, will share the news with the rest of the world!  

For those of you (continuing) to wait for the Osborne photos of the Year One and Year Two children (which were taken on the completion of the new building)...Mrs Pearson, the School Business Manager, continues to chase them...the photographer AND the photos!

The next Father Figure Saturday is on Saturday 13 February and those special cards will being it is an art and craft session.  It was wonderful to see so many dads at the last Saturday event, which was a cooking one.  I am sure that those who attended that (and there were 21 of you) will enjoy making the Valentine cards too!  Flyers advertising the event will be sent out to the younger year groups during the week beginning 8 February.

Thanks to everyone for attending the recent Parents' Meetings, all of which seemed to pass successfully!


I would like to thank the four parents who put their names forward to be governors as it is really heartening when we have to have an election (which we always do here, at Horsenden). Hopefully, those who were unseccessful this time will think about being a governor in the future.  Congratulations to the parent who was voted in.   I can tell you from an e-mail I received as a governor that it was Agnieszka Gawedzka. All the information is now in the givernor section of the website.

Have a lovely holiday!


 Mrs Walton

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