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Welcome to Horsenden Primary School

Dear Parents and Carers

Apologies for the size of the text but it is a problem being addressed...I hope!  I think if you click on 'Read More', at the bottom of the page, the text size gets larger!

The children enjoyed the assemblies on Friday 23 September. They were all about the autumn equinox, which was 22 September; this is the time when there are twelve hours of darkness and twelve hours of light.  If you want to see the video clip I used to explain the equinox it is here:  

You could watch it together with your children!!!  The second clip shown was one which had some pictures of scenes taken in Japan; it then showed how ohagi was made.  These are rice balls covered in soybean flour or, in this clip, azuki bean paste:

The autumn equinox signals the turning point in the year when summer turns to autumn. Especially mentioned was the autumn equinox in Japan, which is called Shubun no Hi, and it is a national holiday, in that Japan.  Higan is a six day period held during the autumn equinox, three days before and three days after, when those who are alive pay their respects to those who have died and a special food is both eaten and left where relatives are buried. It is the ohagi, mentioned above. The children saw this being made and should be able to tell you a little about how and why we have our seasons...spring, summer autumn and winter. During the assemblies, the children in Years 3 - 6 heard about a new Reading Cloud and they will be able to tell you all about that. It can be accessed on the right hand side of the web page. You will have received a letter about it so should know as much as the children do!  Mrs Miller (our librarian) and Miss Hannah, one of our year 4 teachers and our literacy champion, has set it up so that it is ready for the children to enjoy using.  Thanks to them and let's get using it!!!   In the Key Stage 2 assembly, children were reminded to pick up their litter, in the lunch hall, should they drop any.  At the end of the Key Stage 2 assembly, all the children sang 'We can live as one', with Year 6 providing the harmony.  Mrs Bennett was thanked for providing such a lovely ending to the event!  In Key Stage 1 some reminders (again) were given about the importance of never a kick can be so very dangerous.  I would really appreciate it if you could remind the younger children about this.  Thanks!

For those of you who still may not know, we operate 'ParentMail' throughout the school. The school is able to communicate to parents and carers through text and e-mail. If you have not registered, just pop into the office and see Mrs Vowles. On the website, eventually, and not too far in the future, as well as having year group sharing of news, individual teachers will have their own areas to let you know about what is happening in your child's own classroom.  

New for this year and being offerred by Harrison Catering Services, IN ADDITION to the meat dish being offered and on two of the five days only, is the same dish being offered with halal meat.  This can only be good (and we have been trying to achieve this happening for many years).  What this means is that, on two of the five days in the school week,  ALL children who wish to will be able to have halal meat, while children who do not wish to have halal meat will be able to have the same dish but with non-halal meat.  All the other choices eg vegetarian/salad extras etc that were always available, still will be.  

Harrison Catering Company sent through information about an art competition, recently, and I will be forwarding the information to the start of the week beginning 26 September.  I will send out the letter they sent to me as well as the flyer and, if your child wants to enter, they will have all that they need.  Does your child like art?  If so, this is a perfect competition for him or her. The age categories are 4-7 and 8-11.The competition is about designing a new birthday card which will be printed and given to employees when it is their birthday.  The card can be designed in any media - paint, crayon, collage etc...and on any size paper.  Ist prize is a UK theme park family ticket and the runner up prizes (two of them) are art sets.  As I am writing this at the weekend you child might want to get started...which is why I am telling you about it now!  The card could 'reflect Harrison values: Family, Repect, Honesty, Pride and Exceptional or could be about the fact that Harrison Catering Company prepare healthy, home cooked meals from healthy ingredients using British produce working in harmony with the seasons to create exceptional food.' The information I send will give the closing date, further details and tell how to get your entry to the company. Good luck if your child enters!

You will know by now, if you have a Year 6 child that NO debt is allowed re: school meals so, if you want your Year 6 child to have a meal, you have to be in credit to Harrison Catering Company.  This is just a reminder.

You all know that we have a range of ways to collect the views of parents/carers/visitors/children.  We have publicised the various ways over time and one way it to post what you want to say in the comment box, just inside the main entrance. Sometimes these comments are anonymous as is the case of the one this week (19.09.16) which said that those parking in the disabled bays should have disabled stickers.  I agree but it is quite hard to enforce this as we may not always see those who park without them and, at times outside of school times eg evening swimming sessions, there is no-one there to see who is parking where.  Apologies to whoever wrote the request but it is unlikely we can improve on what we are already trying to do; we will try though!!  Following a suggestion about child safety, all Key Stage 1 children's medical needs are now met over in the Key Stage 1 building, except in certain, and specific, circumstances. 

We are producing the whole school (as opposed to year group specific) September Newsletter.  If you think anything in particular should be in the September one, please let Mrs O'Connor, in the office, have the information.  We are so fortunate that a parent, Mrs Haddon, turns what we send to her into the lovely newsletter you actually receive! Included in the body of the September Newsletter will be information about the Montessori School that runs at All Hallows Chirch.  Sessions times are 9.00 am to 12 noon and 12 noon to 3.00 pm.  They have spaces so, if interested, contact Navjiot on 07813 493267 or 075176267.  She popped in to let me know this.

You might remember that, last year, I recommended the wonderful magical lantern festival. If you go to this address, you can get tickets and, in September, if you buy the tickets, there is 20 % off.  I know that it is quite expensive but it really is wonderful!  It happens, in January, around Chinese New Year which, in 2017, in the year of the rooster:


Miss Harrison held some cross country trials on Friday 23 and will be selecting a team to enter the upcoming competition.  Further details will follow.

Mrs Walton :)




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