Welcome to Horsenden Primary School
Welcome to Horsenden Primary School


Dear Parents and Carers


A paper copy will be sent out, after half term!  We were very pleased with the report...as you will be!


The OFSTED visit is like a distant memory now (although it only took place on 8 and 9 October) and we are awaiting the final report. I will send it to you as soon as it arrives in school! 


Most of you will be in for the parents' meetings which are being held on Tuesday or Thursday.  In general, the Tuesday is the early parents' meetings and the Thursday the late evening one but some teachers have had to have some different arrangements in place because of part time working (for example).  As you know, if parents don't attend, for whatever reason, one of the administrators/the class teacher tries to organise appointments so that, at some time the parent/carer and the class teacher of the child actually do speak together. 


Many of you attended the cake sale on Friday 17 October and there was a lovely selection of home made small and large cakes (one girl came to me saying how delighted she was that someone bought her WHOLE cake) as well as some shop bought ones.  Thanks to those in Year 2 and those in Year 6 for making (or buying) the cakes which were sold.   We made £224!! Mrs Metcalf, in the office, thinks she has thought through a better plan for actually selling the cakes...so see if it IS better next time, as I understand it was rather hectic for those queuing, waiting to buy the cakes. Thanks to the parents who helped on the day!


Miss Borsig (The Key Stage One Manager) organised the judging of 'The Pirate Ship' competition and she is devising a letter to let the children...in Years 1, 2 and 3...know who the winner is.  The winning name will be made into a plaque and be displayed on the ship...and we are bound to have a ship naming ceremony celebration.  The children LOVE playing on the pirate ship and it has been a great addition to the play area for the younger children.  At present Year 1 and Year 2 are timetabled for 'ship time' but, when the new building is ready, Year 3 will also be able to have time on the ship.


Mrs Wright, Miss Harrison and Miss Borsig showed the children some filled 'Operation Christmas Child' shoeboxes and some children have started to being in filled shoe boxes in already!  The final date  for the shoeboxes to be brought into school is Friday 21 November 2014. 

The October Newsletter will probably be sent out to you in early November due to half term being at the end of October so don't try to look for an October Newsletter before we break up for our half-term holiday!

The high school letter, which is attached to this page, is the reminder to those parents/carers who are applying for high school.  You will recall that it is really important to get your applications in by the closing date or you child's application will not be considered until all the other children have been allocated high school places.


Enjoy any Diwali celebrations that may be occurring towards the end of the week and I hope you all enjoy the half term break. 



Mrs Walton


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