Welcome to Horsenden Primary School
Welcome to Horsenden Primary School


Dear Parents and Carers

The children had a wonderful day on Friday 13 November...enjoying all that was on offer for Children in Need.  Thanks for sending in the contributions as, at the time of writing this, £1,000 had already been counted.  The final total will be given as soon as it is known.  Due to Children in Need, there were no performances.  Lucky Year 5 will be the next show on offer and that will be on Friday 20 November so good luck to them!

The phonics session for the Reception parents/carers seemed well received (during the week beginning 9 November) and thanks, yet again, to Miss Borsig who ran the session over in the Year 1/2 block.  This was the second possible opportunity that parents of children in Reception had been given as there had been a session the previous week.

You will probably already know that it is anti-bullying week, during the week beginning 16 November, so the theme for all the assemblies is an anti-bullying one and teachers will be talking through issues connected with bullying with the children.  Also, during the same week, the Year 3 pupils will be starting Lego Technology sessions.  Two Year 3 classes will have the lessons one week and then two the following week and then the first two again...and so on!  I hope they enjoy them.  We were able to afford these as we submitted a bid and were successful in getting some money!

Our choir sang at an event held at 'The Holiday Inn', in Brentford, on Thursday 5 November, and they were very well received by those attending an Ealing conference.  It was a pleasure to listen to them and they sang two very upbeat songs.  Well done to them, Mr Cadman and Mrs Bennett who, each week, have rehearsals with them.  These are all sooooo worthwhile when you see the quality of theri performances!  Oh! and a thank you to Mrs Metcalf who booked the coach and got them all there and back!  They also sang on the Children in Need day, led by Mr Cadman.  Thanks to him for turning up!

For those of you waiting for the photos of the Year 1 and Year 2 children...we hope they will soon be here!  Mrs Pearson, the School Business Manager is 'following them up'!

It was a time of great sadness for many of us in the school as, on Tuesday 10 November, we heard that one of our long time volunteers (and an ex governor of the school, Mrs Anne Szezapanska, had died.  A friend (also a volunteer in the school) had gone round to her home to see how Anne was and had been unable to get access, even though she had the key.  Her death was unexpected and we all regard ourselves fortunate to have worked with her for so long.  She spent most of her time in Year 1 so the Year 2 children, in particular, are likely to have known her very well and have spent time reading with her.  Of course, the present Year 1 children will also have known her.  We do not know when her funeral is yet as the coroner is still looking into the reasons for her death.  We will keep you informed.  


 Mrs Walton




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