Horsenden is a happy, hardworking school where children and staff give of their best. Morale is high and we all work together as a large team. We share a common vision of maximising the potential of each person in the school.



Horsenden Primary School is set in an attractive area in the north part of the London Borough of Ealing, close to Horsenden Hill. It was founded in 1993 by the amalgamation of Horsenden First and Middle schools. A shopping complex, ‘Westway Shopping Centre’, is within walking distance. There are two health clubs nearby for those who like to keep fit and healthy.


The area has good transport links. The A40 and A406 are a short distance from the school. The Central Line (Greenford) and Piccadilly Line (Sudbury Hill) are within walking distance of the school. Greenford Station is also served by British Rail to Ealing Broadway through to Paddington. There are numerous bus routes to Greenford, Ealing, Harrow and Wembley.


RearPlaygroundHallClassroomsThe school moved into a new building in September 2002. Inside, the building has one large hall which can be subdivided into two parts, a mezzanine floor which houses the ICT suite and Library, an indoor swimming pool, a practical room which allows development of the Design and Technology and Science curriculum. There is also a drama/music room for curricula and after school activities. Outside the school has a large sports field, playground areas for different age groups, adventure play equipment, an outdoor ‘environmental’ classroom, a quiet area, a soft surface multiple use games area, a dual use playground and amphitheatre and a spiral maze.

There are two entrances to the school. The main entrance (vehicular access) is situated in Horsenden Lane North. The second entrance is in Elton Avenue. Both entrances are for pedestrians.


Children come from mainly owner occupied property with gardens. There are some “short term lets” available in the area, so new families may arrive throughout the year. If necessary, there is a teacher who co-ordinates programmes of study for specific children e.g. children new to the United Kingdom, refugee children and children who need additional help to settle into a new school community.


RearPlaygroundClimbingFrameMany of the children in the school come from homes where English is not a first language. Horsenden is a multicultural school and there are a number of different nationalities represented. Approximately 11 – 12% children each year (from Reception to Year Six) are eligible for free school meals.

Children identified as having special educational needs have programmes of work co-ordinated by the Inclusion Manager; she also co-ordinates the needs of the children identified as particularly able. Support is also provided for children requiring “Booster Classes”, ALS (Additional Literacy Support) and FLS (Further Literacy Support).


The school follows the Qualification and Curriculum Authority (QCA) schemes of work. All curriculum areas are delivered using the most effective techniques. These are informed by research into teaching and learning and the most recent research into how the brain works best.

Following detailed analysis of SATS data by the Senior Management Team, the school actively focuses on key curricular areas each academic year. For the academic year 2007/2008 emphasis has been placed on reading and maths. 

School Structure

Horsenden Primary is a large school of approximately 750 children (including a 100 place nursery). There is a large nursery area with appropriate outdoor play space; two nursery teachers and two nursery nurses are based here.

HLNEntranceDrivePupils from Reception to Year 6 are arranged in three classes per year group, with four classes in one year group. Year Groups are co-ordinated by a Year Group leaders. There are two Key Stage Managers, one for Foundation and Key Stage One and the other for Key Stage Two. These Key Stage Managers are jointly responsible for Literacy, Numeracy, Assessment and Pastoral Care across the school.

The school has a full-time Inclusion Manager. This member of staff does not have day-to-day responsibility for a class. Her role within the school is to ensure inclusion for all children.

Currently the school has two Assistant Headteachers who are Mrs Wright and Miss Holden. 

There is a substantial number of associate staff within the school who support the educational, administrative and pastoral needs of the whole school community.


Behaviour in the school is good and ALL staff work hard to ensure this remains so. There are clear codes of behaviour in place and Year Group rewards systems exist in order to congratulate children on their achievements. Behaviour has been a focus, together with teaching and learning strategies, for the last ten years.


Achievements in the school are good and are generally above the national average in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two.


Attendance is good; continuing efforts are made to improve attendance and encourage punctuality.

Governing Body

ZebraCrossingThe Governors play a major part in ensuring that the school “works” as it should.  They understand the management issues and work within a committee structure.  Each committee conducts business within specified Terms of Reference reporting to the full Governing Body each term.

Local Education Authority

The school has a good working relationship with the LEA. A Link Inspector, Educational Psychologist and Educational Social Worker make regular visits to support pupils and staff.  The authority offers a full range of opportunities for professional and personal development.

Parents and Visitors

Parents and helpers are regular visitors to the school and indicate they feel welcomed and valued.


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