Welcome to Horsenden Primary School
Welcome to Horsenden Primary School


Dear Parents and Carers

For everyone celebrating EID-UL-ADHA (which is the Muslim festival of sacrifice marking the end of Hajj, the Pilgrimage to Makkah), we hope the day was a lovely one for all those who WERE celebrating.  Many chidren have been talking about the festival and (or course) there have been assemblies about the festival.  I hope that all those who had relatives at the pilgrimage safe and that you have heard from your loved ones. 

I am just giving you forward notice of our Family Learning Day which is on Saturday 3 October from 10.00 am until 2.30 pm.  The letter about booking the session is being sent out on Friday 25 September.  The circus is in on the Thursday and the Friday of the week leading up to the Family Learning Day and is for our Year 6 pupils; lucky them!

Both the Reception and Nursery children are now in and have settled well.  They are getting used to the routines of the school!

On Friday 11 September, we had our assemblies (for Years 1-6) when we discussed our 'HORSE CODE' which we established last year; the code simplifies the expectations the children will have of one another, allowing everyone to live, work and enjoy all the experiences the school has to offer. BE goes before each word. The H stands for HAPPY, the O for ORGANISED, the R for RESPECTFUL, the S for SAFE and the E for EXCELLENT.  The Code will be up and diplayed  in and around the school and I am sure you will all know it off by heart soon!!  The assemblies on Friday 25 Septemebr 2015 were about learning from our mistakes and  the fact that mistakes are necessary in order that you may learn from them!  It was part of a broader theme about setbacks and how we learn from the setbacks we have in our lives.  The children will probably recall that the assembly was actually about a child who brought the wrong toy to school...and then it got broken!

Many of you will already have received the year group information and the termly curriculum maps.  These will/should also be on the web site as will all the slides from the recent induction meetings.  It was good to see so many of you attending the meetings.  We had a seconf high school meeting for those parents who could not attend the first one!  Year 6 parents are popping for for advice sessions and discussion sessions now, as they make their high school choices. 

I have finished going through the Parental Comment Sheets which parents can return following receipt of their child's annual report (R-Year 6 pupils).  All comments are noted and the teacher/year leader for the child's class teacher this year will be taking any appropriate action.  All sheets returned are considered, regularly, by members of the senior management team as a routine.

English language classes are starting during the week and they take place in the Children's Centre!  These are really well attended!  If you need any further information, call the main school office or contact the Children Centre.

We are still waiting to see the photos taken on Friday 4 September when a photographer from Osborne (the company that was responsibile for the building of the new KS1 building) came to take some photographs.  I will try and follow this up!!

Here's to a great school year ahead!

Mrs Walton













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