Anti-Bullying Ambassadors

At Horsenden, we are very proud to have Anti-Bullying Ambassadors who take their role very seriously and feel empowered to have a positive impact on their fellow pupils’ lives. They are made up of selected Y5 and 6 children, who their teachers feel consistently demonstrate the values of being sincere and respectful.


Our Anti-Bullying Ambassadors for the  2022-2023 academic year


The Anti-Bullying Ambassadors have their own timetable, where each week they perform a duty visiting another year group, either at break or lunch time, and checking in on how things are going with the other pupils. They wear high visibility jackets so that they are easily identifiable so that children can come up to them if they are facing any problems. They understand that they might not be able to solve all the problems but can encourage children to speak to a trusted adult.

At Horsenden, we understand that bullying is RIN - Repeated, Intended and Negative. This means it has to happen on several occasions, be deliberate and designed to cause upset or distress. We have come up with some actions to try and help the younger children remember.

We have also tried to help the children understand the differences between conflicts and bullying. Conflicts are normal and part of everyday life. They are when you might have an argument with a friend, a sibling or a parent but at the end of the day you both want to resolve this and move on from it.

The children undertook training from the Diana Trust via Zoom in 2021 and are scheduled for another training session in the summer term of 2023.

What have we done over the years?

We have spoken with several special visitors over the past two years about the work we have done to ensure that bullying isn’t happening at Horsenden.

We have presented in assemblies and have visited classes throughout the school to speak about bullying during Anti-Bullying Week. We also starred in a video to launch our whole school poster competition. Some of the winning entries are displayed below and the overall winner was this design by a Y6 child.

(Above): Here we are explaining about the different forms that bullying can take during Anti-Bullying Week in November 2022. 

(Below): Some of the winners from the Anti-Bullying poster competition, from YR - Y6. 

Poster Competition Winner: 

The winning entry - a worthy winner with a fantastic, artistic entry that demonstrates how words can be incredibly hurtful.