High School

Children currently in year 6 are due to transfer from primary to high school (year 7) in September 2024. Children transfer from Horsenden Primary school to a variety of local high schools.

In the Autumn term of year 6, children and their parents are encouraged to  attend local High School open days and, complete the common application form  (CAF) online.

High School applications must be made directly to the council that you are living in at the time of application, regardless of the borough the schools you wish to apply for are in. To apply for High school you must complete your Local Authorities common application form (CAF). This can be done online from 1st September 2023 via the e-Admissions websitePlease see the User guide for details on how to complete your online application. 

Dates and times of open evenings and morning for Ealing High Schools are listed in the High School Application Guide leaflet.

The deadline for applying for high school is 31st October 2023. Applications received after this date are classed as 'late applications' and will not be considered until after national offer day, which is 1st March 2024.

Before you apply

Full details of the admissions process, applications timetable and list of all Ealing schools can be found in the high school admissions prospectus at the bottom of this page.

Post offer day guidance

Please read the high school post offer day guidance page on the Ealing school admissions website for information on what to do after offer day on 1st March 2024 whilst your child is still in year 6.



If you wish to make an appeal please visit the appeals page for information on the appeal process for schools in Ealing.


If you do not have access to the internet or need help completing your application, please contact the school office on 020 8422 5985 or admin@horsenden.ealing.sch.uk  


If you have questions about your child’s application, you will need to contact the Ealing Council Admissions department 

Tel: 020 8825 5522 (9am to midday - Monday to Friday)
Email: mainroundadmissions@ealing.gov.uk

Or write to:

Primary School Admissions
2nd Floor NE
Percevel House
14-16 Uxbridge Road
W5 2HL


Supplementary Information Forms (SIF)

  • Twyford CofE School
    • The Christian Faith SIF and World Faith SIF will be available to download from their school website

 To be completed and returned directly to the appropriate school by the date stated on the form. 

High School Prospectus (September 2024)