Reading Ambassadors

We are very lucky to have a dedicated team of Reading Ambassadors whose passion and love for reading is promoted across our school. Their role encompasses various responsibilities aimed at encouraging a positive reading culture within our community. As Reading Ambassadors, they wish to emphasise the enjoyment and personal growth that reading inspires for all ages. 


As part of their role, Reading Ambassadors are responsible for introducing and recommending new titles in our library to the children of Horsenden. Additionally, they share captivating stories with classes, encouraging pupils to explore everything that books can offer. These thoughtful selections cater to the diverse interests and reading levels in our school, ensuring that every child finds a book that leads them on an exciting journey. 




Rights of a Reader

We all have rights, even as a reader! The Reading Ambassadors believe that these are the most important rights for the readers at Horsenden Primary School: The right not to finish a book.

1. The right not to finish a book.

2. The right to read anything.

3. The right to read a book again.

4. The right to read aloud.

5. The right to read anywhere.



The Reading Ambassadors in our school:

Year 4

Year 5

Year 6

Seerat 4D

Fawzi 4D

Vishaly 4D

Mahi 4S

Ayman 4S

Vaishaly 4S

Gurav 4H

Hrishita 4H

Rida 5H 

Jia 5H

Maira 5H

Janushiika 5S

Tegan 5S

Hamdaan 5S

Manit 5D

Ava 5D

Maria 5D


Tej 6H

Kamsikan 6H

Aastik 6D

Judy 6D

Nimrat 6D

Najma 6S

Uzayr 6S


 Reading in Class

 As part of the Reading Ambassadors' responsibilities, they have been assigned to classes to read a story. Here are a few photographs of this happening in action.




Reading Ambassador Display Board:

Our new display board, located just outside of the main building library, is a place where our Reading Ambassadors can recommend and share what they're currently reading. As a group, they have chosen five rights as a reader which is also proudly displayed on the board.