Curriculum Enrichment

Whole school curriculum enrichment days provide the opportunity for pupils to explore themes or subjects in greater depth. They allow pupils to develop additional skills whilst immersing them in creative activities and challenges that are different to their normal everyday lessons. Pupils often work with others from different classes and sometimes from other year groups, which strengthens and develops an array of social skills which we believe are important life skills as they grow up. As the same theme or subject is the focus across the whole school, pupils are able to share their learning with their families and make connections between what they have learnt in different year groups. The enrichment days may differ from year to year, but will celebrate a range of subjects over time.


Diwali Day - November 2021

Horsenden was a display of vibrant colours as we celebrated Diwali across the school. Happy Diwali, everyone!

Grandparents Day - October 2021

We are so happy to be able to open our school doors to the wider school community once again. Recently we had a morning of shared reading, team building and creative activities with extended family members, hosted by Year 5. The highlights can be seen below.

Roald Dahl Days - September 2021

All pupils began the new school year by exploring a range of Roald Dahl texts. They delved into exciting, creative activities which helped them to get to know their new teachers and classmates. Have a look at the wonderful range of things they got up to, and the whole school display, below:

Shakespeare Week - March 2021

Pupils and teachers were excited to celebrate Shakespeare Week for the first time this year. All year groups looked at different elements of his life then explored one of his famous texts. The school was alive with drama and performance!

Science Week 2021

A wonderful week of STEM learning from Nursery to Year 6!

World Book Day 2021

What a fantastic World Book Day we had! Scroll through the document below to see the winners of the 'At Home' costumes, 'In School' costumes, and 'Extreme Reading' competition. Well done to everyone for taking part.