Year 4

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Key Information 

Class Homework Library PE Swimming


Set on a Friday and due in the following Friday

Spellings tested on a Monday


Thursday for all classes

Alternate Wednesdays* Monday
4S Tuesday
4D Tuesday

 *Please see the page in the Year 4 Parent Information presentation (scroll down the page to below the 'Online Learning' button) for further details & dates for PE lessons, or listen to the recorded session: Y4 link to 'Meet the Teacher' session recording

Year 4: Curriculum in Action

Author visit to inspire writing and link history concepts

Year 4 Food Technology Project

Going back in time: Viking Workshop

Curriculum Overview

Summary information about what the children will be learning each half term can be found in the curriculum overview documents. These are uploaded at the beginning of each half term and can be found by clicking the buttons below.
Paper copies are available on request from the school office.







Year 4 Pawsome Reading Bookmark (click to view/download)

Your child will receive a Year 4 pawsome reading bookmark from school at the beginning of the school year. The characters on the bookmark are linked to the reading skills that we teach in school and will help you to support your child's reading at home. Please use this frequently when reading at home with your child.

Talk for Writing Story Maps & Model Texts

Story maps and model texts help children to retell their class text. They are used in our Talk for Writing lessons. We use model texts to teach pupils how to use new vocabulary and sentence structures effectively, how to structure their writing and how to use their writing toolkits and techniques for effect. Use the model text documents below to help your child practise and remember these at home. There are actions that accompany the text that the pupils will learn in school. The more that children internalise the vocabulary and sentence structures from our model texts, the better equipped they are for creating their own stories. And practising can be lots of fun - so please have a go with your child at home! 

Autumn 1:
Beowulf (fiction)                                                
How To Train A Dragon (non-fiction)

Autumn 2:
Arthur and the Golden Rope (fiction)         
Recount of the Battle of Hastings (non-fiction)

Spring 1:
The Big, Bad Wolf (fiction)     

Spring 2:
Zelda Claw (fiction)
Should Fox Hunting Be Banned? (non-fiction)

Summer 1:

The Time Slip Scarab (fiction)


Key Texts & Story Spine for Year 4

The document below shows you the key texts that Year 4 will be using for their Talk for Writing units this year, as well as the supplementary reading texts that they will use as class readers. The class readers are set for all year groups and this makes our Horsenden Story Spine.    


   Click the 'Online Learning' button below to view the recommended websites to help support your child's learning at home.


Year 4 Information Presentation

Storytelling Videos

At Horsenden Primary, we love reading books! If you want to enjoy a story read by some of the teachers, browse through the story videos below. Enjoy!

The Baby Brother From Outer Space - Chapter 1 - read by Miss Copas

 The Baby Brother From Outer Space - Chapter 2 - read by Miss Copas