PE develops pupils’ physical competence and confidence and we encourage pupils to utilise these skills to perform a range of activities across the curriculum. At Horsenden we believe that the self-discipline and collaboration expected of pupils in sport and PE lessons impacts positively upon behaviour in and outside of the classroom; it helps to create a positive work ethic as well as optimism - both of which are important transferable life skills.

The aim of our PE curriculum is to:

  1. Promote the benefits of physical activity to the whole school community
  2. Improve the self-esteem and confidence of the pupils through participation in physical activity
  3. To ensure that pupils are aware of the link between physical activity and healthy eating for a healthy lifestyle
  4. To develop a range of physical skills that can be applied to sports and games over time
  5. To develop social, emotional and thinking skills linked to game play, team work and individual practice
  6. To promote the celebration of sporting events

We are committed to ensuring that all pupils have access to our broad and balanced PE curriculum, including those who have diverse special educational needs, those who are disabled and and those who have particular strengths and skills in PE and/or sport. Teachers will ensure that all pupils have fair access to the PE curriculum, regardless of gender, race, or ability.

Pupils are entitled to 2 hours of PE per week and this is scheduled by using a combination of specialist teachers (for sports and swimming) as well as class teacher-led PE, as follows:

Year 1/2/6

  • Receive a PE lesson from a PE specialist once a fortnight
  • Receive a weekly exercise lesson from their class teacher
  • Follow the '10 a day' skills-based programme where they spend ten minutes doing physical activity. Year groups can decide when it is best for them to do this, most likely in the afternoon. 

Year 3/4/5

  • Receive a PE lesson from a PE specialist once a fortnight
  • Receive an hour of swimming each week.
  • Follow the '10 a day' skills-based programme where they spend ten minutes doing physical activity. Year groups can decide when it is best for them to do this, most likely in the afternoon 


  • Pupils develop skills through a wide range of activities and challenges through the 'Physical Development' strand of the EYFS curriculum
  • In addition, Reception pupils also receive a PE lesson from the PE specialist teacher each week


After School Sporting Opportunities

We offered a wide range of clubs before and after school which provide further opportunities to extend and enhance our school PE curriculum. We evaluate the clubs based on attendance and pupils’ views. Some of these clubs have been offered for free to pupils in an effort to increase participation. We are looking forward to offering more after school sports clubs to our pupils as the year progresses. 

We currently offer clubs such as:

  • Football
  • Elite swimming
  • Karate
  • Tennis
  • Netball
  • Gymnastics
  • Yoga
  • Athletics
  • Multi- sports

Curriculum Documents

 Whole School PE Curriculum Map:

Progression of PE Skills:

Extended PE Curriculum


We are very lucky to have a swimming pool on site at Horsenden which enables pupils to have three full years of weekly swimming lessons. Currently this is offered to pupils in Years 3, 4 and 5 and these lessons are taught by our specialist swimming coach, Mr Hill. An overview of the swimming programme can be found below. All of our swimming training resources are based on the Swim England Charter House Program which helps to deliver high quality swimming and water safety lessons. 

Our swimming programme aims to meet the three key National Curriculum requirements however the full swimming programme and the skills developed at Horsenden go far beyond the National Curriculum.


National Curriculum Objectives:

Swimming Programme Overview: Year 3 - Year 5

Stroke Information:

Click on the following links to see more information about the expected standards of the 4 key strokes taught in swimming.

Front crawl Back stroke Breast stroke Butterfly


Additional Swimming Provision:

In addition to the swimming programme for Years 3-5 we also offer the following:

  • Inclusion Swimming: identified pupils are offered tailored 1:1 lessons where they learn all the fundamental skills needed to swim using an adapted range of techniques.

  • Elite Swimming Club: KS2 pupils who have passed the National Curriculum and are looking to develop their skills further in a competitive environment are invited to before school swimming sessions in small groups where they gain all the necessary knowledge and techniques to compete for the school at local competitions. Due to the Elite Swimming Club sessions Horsenden were lucky enough to win the last Ealing school swim Gala!

Community Swimming Links: 

 If you are looking for your child to improve their swimming we have Seahorse Swim School which runs after school and on the weekends. More information can be found here: https://www.horsenden.ealing.sch.uk/swim-school

Any children wanting to take their competitive swimming further can join Ealing Swim Club.

If you have a passion for the water but swimming up and down isn’t for you, we also have Waterpolo links available at Hillingdon Penguin Waterpolo Club. Please speak to Mr Hill if you would like any more information about this.

Extended Swimming Curriculum