Home Learning

At Horsenden Primary School we believe in ‘home learning’ rather than ‘homework’ because learning is fun! We therefore aim to set short home learning tasks that support and consolidate lessons taught in school and hope to provide creative ways to help parents and carers support their children at home.

Research tell us that ‘homework’ has little impact for primary age pupils, unless it requires them to rehearse and practise.  There are also increasingly high pressures on children and there is a need for them to enjoy their childhood, having a break from school work when at home. Our Home Learning Policy is based on this research and therefore requires pupils to only practise key skills that need consolidating for their age group.

Weekly Home Learning Tasks:

From Reception, pupils will receive weekly spelling lists and a maths skill to practise or explore. Sometimes teachers will ask for this work to be completed via an online platform, such as Spelling Shed or Mathletics. Pupils should read for at least 15 minutes every evening from Nursery through to Year 6. This should be a mix of adults modelling reading and the child reading the ability-level books sent home from school (from Reception onward). Reading Records need to be filled in daily. If you are struggling to find the time to hear your child read, please speak to the class teacher so that we can suggest alternative ways to ensure your child’s reading progress is not hindered.

In addition, there will be school-wide ‘The Great Debate’ tasks which link to our weekly SMSC topics. These are for families to discuss as a group and encourage the development of critical thinking and communication and language skills. They also provide opportunities for quality family time which helps pupils’ social and emotional development.

Each year group will have slightly different home learning routines however a letter will be sent home in the first week of the academic school year to ensure parents and carers have a clear understanding of expectations. If you have any concerns or problems with home learning tasks, please don’t hesitate to see your child’s class teacher.

Half Term and Holiday Home Learning Projects:

Home learning projects are set by Mrs Donaghy for each half term or holiday break and these aim to develop passion and excitement about new themes or concepts. Projects are not compulsory however allow pupils to explore ideas in a creative way with their siblings and families. These are then displayed around the school and a special few are selected to display outside Mrs Appelby’s office for all to see. We love seeing the imaginative and innovative ways our pupils choose to evidence their ideas!


Summer 1 - Home Learning Project

Cultural Diversity Day


Spring 1 - Home Learning Project


February ART Half Term Homework Project

Autumn 2 2019 - Home Learning Project 1

Christmas Reading Challenge!

Let’s keep the love of reading alive over the upcoming month!

Here’s what you need to do: Read 3 books from the National Literacy Trusts’ Recommended Reading List (next to this poster and available on our school website) Note: this is from now until the end of the holidays! Fill in a completed book review for each book (or you can create your own book review if you like...but it must be 1 page!) Bring it in to Mrs Donaghy in the first week after the holidays (Make sure your full name and class are on your work!)

You’ll get: A special certificate to show that you completed the challenge To choose your own special bookmark to continue enjoying reading with! Your reading recommendations displayed near the school libraries

Christmas Reading Book List

Christmas Reading Book Review form

Autumn 2 2019 - Home Learning Project 2

Kindness Challenge

Autumn 1 2019 - Home Learning Project

October is Black History Month and a wonderful opportunity to highlight and celebrate the achievements of black Britons. This half term’s optional home learning task is all about reading a book on this theme and writing a review for our library displays or doing some research on one of the named women and presenting it in a creative way. Remember, these projects can be collaborative: your child may want to do it alone or can team up with a sibling, a friend or the whole family. Joint learning is fun learning! We look forward to seeing what the children find out and how they present it.

Below is this half terms task, as well as the recommended reading list. Good Luck!

Black History Month recommended reading list

Half Term Task

The Results......

The half term home learning project about Black History Month had a great response and Year Group Leaders had an incredibly hard job choosing the projects to be displayed in the main corridor. Thank you to all who took the initiative to do research and present it in a creative way – we were blown away!

Below you can see a few of the amazing projects we have on display.