Home Learning

At Horsenden Primary School we believe in ‘home learning’ rather than ‘homework’ because learning is fun! Home learning is a valuable tool for reinforcing classroom learning, promoting independent studying and encouraging a love of learning. We aim to set home learning tasks that support and consolidate lessons taught in school and hope to provide meaningful ways that help parents and carers support their children at home. 

Research tell us that ‘homework’ has little impact for primary age pupils, unless it requires them to rehearse and practise.  There are also increasingly high pressures on children and there is a need for them to enjoy their childhood by having a break from school work when at home. 


Weekly Home Learning Tasks:

From Reception, pupils will receive weekly work that allows them to practise skills and facts learnt in school. This is set via Google Classrooms and is therefore submitted online using platforms such as Reading Eggs, TTRockstars, Numbots, Developing Experts and Google Forms. When completing home learning tasks, we think that it should take around 20 minutes a day for Year 1 and 2 pupils, 30 minutes a day for Year 3 and 4 pupils and no longer than 45 minutes a day for Year 5 and 6 pupils. Home learning is due in on Fridays and is set every Friday. We feel that this ensures that children are given sufficient time complete the work. 


Pupils should read for at least 15 minutes every evening from Nursery through to Year 6. This should be a mix of adults modelling reading and the child reading the ability-level books sent home from school (from Reception onward). Reading Records need to be filled in daily. If you are struggling to find the time to hear your child read, please speak to the class teacher so that we can suggest alternative ways to ensure your child’s reading progress is not hindered. Furthermore, weekly library sessions, with one of our passionate librarians, ensures that children also select a book that reflects their interests and encourages reading for pleasure. 


Reading Comprehension: 
From Year 3 to Year 6, children are asked to complete a reading comprehension using Reading Eggs. This online platform require pupils to read a text that has been specifically selected for them by their teacher. Key vocabulary from the text is reinforced and children are asked questions which develops their understanding of the text. These questions reflect the reading domains which are also taught in the children's reading lessons in school. 


Children learn new spelling patterns weekly during class time. These spellings patterns are revised using Reading Eggs which provides children with a spelling quiz. Children are tested on spelling words every Friday. 

In order to be successful in maths, children are need to have a solid understanding of recall and fluency in addition and subtraction, in order to move from counting to calculating. Therefore, Year 1 and 2 children are asked to recall addition and subtraction facts, as well as number bonds using Numbots. Once children have a secure understanding of this, children are required to confidently recall multiplication and division facts in order to complete more complex methods. Therefore, Year 3-6 pupils are asked to use TTRockstars where they are tested on these facts. 


As part of our Talk for Writing sequence, a model text is used to encapsulate, structure and summarise the intended learning for a unit of writing. We ensure that the content and vocabulary in model texts is ambitious to ensure that children are inspired and aim high in their writing. Children use symbols and actions to memorise model texts by heart. We ask that children continue to learn their current model text, as part of their home learning, which will be uploaded to Google Classroom.


History and geography: 
Fortnightly, a history 0r geography quiz will be set on Google Classroom using a Google Forms quiz. This is determined by the current topic that the children are learning in class. This quiz is used to reinforce the key facts from the lesson to gain a secure understanding of the objectives in the unit.


Developing Experts is a curriculum programme designed to be interactive and ensure a clear progression of skills. Using Developing Experts, children complete a science quiz linked to their weekly science lesson. This quiz reinforces the key facts that they are currently learning, as well as their key vocabulary known as 'Rocket Words'. 


The Great Debate:
In addition, there will be school-wide ‘The Great Debate’ tasks which link to our fortnightly SMSC and Picture News topics. These are for families to discuss as a group and encourage the development of critical thinking and communication and language skills. They also provide opportunities for quality family time which helps pupils’ social and emotional development.

Each year group will have slightly different home learning routines however a letter will be sent home at the beginning of the academic school year to ensure parents and carers have a clear understanding of expectations. You can also find this information outlined on the year group pages. If you have any concerns or problems with home learning tasks, please don’t hesitate to see your child’s class teacher.


Half Term and Holiday Home Learning Projects:

Home learning projects are set for each half term or holiday break. These aim to develop passion and excitement about new themes or concepts. Projects are not compulsory however allow pupils to explore ideas in a creative way with their siblings and families. These are then displayed around the school for all to see. We love seeing the imaginative and innovative ways our pupils choose to evidence their ideas! The projects will be sent out at the end of each term either with the final newsletter or via the school communications system, but you can also find all the details and documents uploaded below. You'll also find some photos of the amazing work submitted and displayed in school.


Holiday Home Learning Projects

We love seeing the amazing home learning work that pupils do individually or with their families when we set optional projects for each school break. We are excited to bring even more variety to our home learning projects this year!. We always  want to celebrate all the work that our pupils have done to date, so some of the highlights from previous years' home learning tasks are shown below.

Christmas Break Home Learning Project - 2023

 The Reading Ambassadors would like to present an optional home learning project for children to complete during the Christmas holiday. We would like you to create your own book nook based on a story of your choice. But what is a book nook? Well, a book nook is a tiny ‘room’ that you position between your books to give the illusion that there is another world hidden behind your shelves! Entries can be submitted for individual pupils or as a family. We are looking forward to seeing your creations!

October Half Term Home Learning Project - 2023

For our October optional half term homework project, we have a wonderful cross curricular project of art, design and technology. This is the first activity, championed by our Junior Travel Ambassadors, to help Horsenden meet our TfL Travel for Life mark. We would like to encourage you to use the half term holiday to “Bling Your Bike” (or scooter!). Have fun!


Summer Break Home Learning Challenges

Summer is here, but we know that our brains like to keep ticking, so here are two optional summer challenges that you might like to try. They are fun activities and will give you two things to work on over the break... See all details below.

May Half Term Home Learning Project - 2022

The last home learning project had the theme of 'getting outside and exploring the world around us'. There were 3 STEM challenges to choose from, including taking technology outside, building a kite or helping the bees! You can see some of the work below:

April Half Term Home Learning Project - 2022

The last home learning project focused on developing art skills and showing personal creativity through the medium used - that is, they way the artworks are created! Some of the highlights are shown below:

February Half Term Home Learning Project - 2022

The February half term project was linked to the work we've been doing as a Rights Respecting school. You can see some of the fantastic work below:

December Half Term Home Learning Projects - 2021

December Design & Technology Project:

We had another 2 optional home learning projects for pupils to try over the December holiday break which both focused on developing Design & Technology skills. We had lots of photos and projects shared in school, which you can see on the 3 pages below. We were so impressed by the many submissions!

 October Half Term Home Learning Projects - 2021

.#1 - Black History Month Project:

Below you can see some of the amazing work that pupils submitted for their October half term home learning projects, as well as the whole school display board that it's shown on for all to see. 

#2 - Anti-Bullying Poster Competition:

Below you can see some of the amazing work that pupils submitted for the Anti-Bullying poster competition.

Home Learning Highlights:

Below you can see close ups of some of the amazing home learning projects that we've seen at Horsenden in the past:

Cultural Diversity Day (click to download)


Portrait Work