Rights Rangers

The Rights Respecting Schools Award puts children’s rights at the heart of schools in the UK. Horsenden Primary School is proud to be working with UNICEF to create a safe and inspiring place to learn, where children are respected, their talents are nurtured and they are able to thrive.

UNICEF's Rights Respecting Schools Award embeds these values in daily school life and gives children the best chance to lead happy, healthy lives and to be responsible, active citizens. We gained our Bronze accreditation in December 2021 and are now working towards Silver accreditation. We are doing this by moving from learning about rights to learning through rights and for rights. We hope to achieve this through creating class charters, discussing articles in depth and exploring ways in which we can make a difference as global citizens.

The Horsenden Rights Rangers work as a school leadership team to help fellow pupils understand their rights under the UNCRC and to help encourage rights respecting behaviour in our school. As a team they take the lead in developing and delivering the schools action plan and feeding back to the school community about the progress we are making. Rights Rangers provide a link between pupils, teachers, the senior leadership team, governors and parents.

Rights Rangers for 2022-23:


Projects 2022-23

As part of the Rights Respecting School Programme, the children have actively engaged in various initiatives and projects as Rights Rangers, promoting awareness and understanding of human rights within their school community. Here are some examples of their work:

Promotion of World Water Day

The Rights Rangers organized an awareness campaign for World Water Day, emphasizing the importance of clean water access as a fundamental human right. They conducted research, created informative posters, and organized classroom discussions about the significance of water conservation and the impact of water scarcity on communities around the world. The Rights Rangers shared their knowledge and findings with their classmates, fostering a sense of responsibility and encouraging sustainable practices related to water usage.

UN Rights Poster Competition

The children participated in a UN rights poster competition, showcasing their creativity and understanding of human rights. As Rights Rangers, they explored different rights and expressed their interpretations through visual art. They designed vibrant and thought-provoking posters that depicted the importance of equality, dignity, and respect for all. The Rights Rangers presented their posters in an exhibition, sharing their messages with the school community and encouraging others to reflect on the significance of human rights.

Class Charter

After learning about the concept of class charters, the Rights Rangers facilitated discussions in each classroom, guiding their peers in understanding the purpose and benefits of having a class charter. They explained how a charter can establish shared expectations, promote positive behaviour, and ensure that everyone's rights are respected. The Rights Rangers encouraged their classmates to actively contribute to the charter development process, allowing every student to have a voice in shaping their classroom community.

Following these discussions, each class worked together to create their own unique class charter. The students collaborated, discussed their ideas, and identified key rights and responsibilities that they wanted to uphold in their classroom. They creatively designed their charters, incorporating visuals and statements that reflected their shared values and commitments. The Rights Rangers supported their classmates in this process, providing guidance and ensuring that the charters aligned with the principles of the Rights Respecting School Programme.

Designing Rights Shields

The Rights Rangers engaged in a hands-on project where they designed and created rights shields. They learned about specific rights and their corresponding articles from the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child. Each child selected a right and represented it creatively on their shield, using symbols, colours, and meaningful visuals. The Rights Rangers showcased their shields in the school corridor, allowing other students to learn about different rights and fostering a sense of pride in their rights as children.


To ensure that their classmates were well-informed about these initiatives and the importance of human rights, the Rights Rangers actively shared their learnings and experiences with their respective classes. They conducted presentations, led discussions, and facilitated interactive activities to engage their peers in meaningful conversations about rights. The Rights Rangers encouraged their classmates to reflect on their own rights and responsibilities, promoting a culture of empathy, inclusion, and respect throughout the school.

By actively participating in these projects and sharing their knowledge with their peers, the Rights Rangers have played a crucial role in fostering a rights-respecting culture within the school. Their efforts have empowered their classmates to understand and appreciate the importance of human rights, ensuring that the principles of equality, dignity, and justice are upheld within the school community.




Home Learning Mascot Design Competition

The Rights Rangers launched a competition in the summer term of 2022 which was to design our new Horsenden Rights Mascot! Rights Rangers announced the competition to their classes and are delighted to announce the winner. Well done to Mia in Year 5 with her mascot called Hogo. Horsenden's Helpful Horse. He loves carrots. Check out his little box of carrots in the picture.


Rights Respecting Home Learning:

Horsenden's half term home learning project was to find a creative way to portray some of the UNCRC's rights via a poster or a video. You can see some of the amazing work that pupils produced below. These pieces really highlight the Rights Respecting journey that we are on as a school!

Resources for Parents: