English at Horsenden aims to develop confident, competent speakers, readers and writers and we have chosen to do this through an oracy approach. The key focus on introducing new vocabulary and understanding this in context is woven across the curriculum, but features predominantly in English lessons. By using the  ‘Mrs Wordsmith’ Word a Day programme in conjunction with the ‘Talk for Writing’ approach, pupils learn how to structure sentences using new words and phrases and once they are confident in saying this, they are then able to write them.

Below is the whole school text map and story spine that shows the key texts focused on in writing lessons and the supplementary texts that all children will have read to them throughout that term by their class teacher. For EYFS, the key nursery rhymes they will learn for each half term is also shown. More information about the Talk for Writing approach can be found here.

Whole School Writing Text Map & Story Spine

Year Group Writing Text Maps & Story Spines
To view the writing text map and story spine for just each year group, click the links below. These documents can also be viewed on the year group pages.

EYFS:   Nursery        Reception

KS1:      Year 1            Year 2

KS2:      Year 3           Year 4           Year 5          Year 6

Story Maps & Model Texts
Story maps are created for every Talk for Writing unit and are used by teachers and pupils to learn the text off by heart. We use actions in conjunction with the visual prompts on the story maps to help children internalise the new vocabulary as well as sentence and overall text structure.

The model texts are word-only versions of the story map. These are also displayed in the classroom and show pupils what the text should look like, including the correct spelling of unfamiliar/new words, the correct punctuation and the layout of the text. Our model texts are pitched so that they are a good challenge for the year group. By seeing and internalising these texts, pupils then learn how to replicate similar structures in their own writing.

In some year groups (mainly EYFS and KS1, you will also see coloured boxes around the model text. This indicates the structure of the story and is an additional visual prompt when pupils are still learning about this. It shows them the:
opening (orange)
build up (blue)
problem (purple)
resolution (red)
ending (emerald green)

The story maps and model texts will be uploaded to the year group pages each half term so that you can help your child to practise these at home. Scroll down to the 'Curriculum Maps' section and find the Talk for Writing Story Maps & Model Texts heading just below.