Our geography curriculum has been designed to celebrate the wide and diverse geographical profile of our pupils. It develops an understanding of how the environments around us are formed and the changes that happen based on weather, time or other factors such as human interaction.

Experiential learning and fieldwork is at the heart of the geography curriculum and pupils use local sites, tools and visits to develop a real-world understanding of geography. A clear progression of skills ensures learning develops breadth and depth each year and as with all other subject areas, subject-specific vocabulary is explicitly taught and builds on language taught across the curriculum. This allows pupils to explain these factors and relate them to other subject areas.

The themes of ‘social action’ and ‘social responsibility’ are woven throughout our geography curriculum as we endeavour to provide our pupils with the ability to understand the world they live in and an awareness that that they, too, are able to help improve it.


Our history curriculum has been designed to celebrate the cultural diversity and identities of our pupils whilst also ensuring their understanding of history both in Britain and around the world is well developed.

Topics and lessons are designed to allow pupils to access and come to understand history through hands-on, practical experiences. They use primary and secondary sources to develop their knowledge and skills and trips and visits to see and experience these themselves.

School-wide theme days provide exciting opportunities for pupils to delve deeper into topics and bring them to life. A clear progression of skills ensures their learning develops breadth and depth each year.

Our school-wide focus on subject-specific vocabulary runs through this subject and builds upon vocabulary taught across the curriculum.