Horsenden Primary School works closely with children’s counselling group Place2Be; a fantastic service that helps to support and improve the mental and emotional health and wellbeing of both children and parents from our school community.


We believe that all children should have access to support at a young age to encourage positive emotional and mental health. Having access to this service provides our young children with the tools to manage difficulties and changes in a positive way. Below you can find some information from Place2Be and how you can get in touch with them.


Place2Be is a national children’s charity working in over 250 schools across the UK, and in 10 in Ealing.

Place2Be offers every child, parent/carer and school staff member access to a range of universal mental health services. We offer a whole school approach.

The Mental Health Practitioner and Counsellor for Place2Be at Horsenden Primary School is Beany Cannon who is in school Mondays and Tuesdays. She is contactable by phone on 0208 422 3854 and email fcannon@horsenden.ealing.sch.uk, or through the school office.

Place2Be Services

As part of our universal offer, Place2Be work in partnership with the school’s pastoral team to consider each individual child and to tailor the support to the needs of the child and family. Referrals to any of the following services can be made by Place2Be staff, school staff, parents or by the child or people themselves.

Parents Partnership

  • For any parent/carer in the school
  • Provides advice and signposting for particular family-focused issues
  • Supports with particular concerns about a child
  • Introduces Place2Be services to a parent/carer

Parent/Carer Counselling

  • One to one counselling sessions run by Ealing’s Place2Be parent Counsellor, Faye Franklin
  • 50 minute weekly sessions
  • Up to 10 sessions
  • A place to talk about any worries you might have about yourself, your children, your family or work life
  • Sessions held in a confidential space in the Children’s Centre

PIPT (Parent Individual Parenting Training) NEW

  • Sessions run by Ealing's Place2Be parent Counsellor, Faye Franklin
  • Sessions held with both parent and child
  • 60 minute weekly sessions
  • 7-10 sessions
  • An intervention focused on enhancing parent/child relationships and family functioning
  • Sessions held in a confidential space in the Children’s Centre


  • Self-referral service open to all students
  • 15 minute lunchtime one-off sessions
  • Open to individuals and to groups of up to 3 children
  • Helps with friendships, other worries and builds resilience

One to One Counselling

  • 45 minute weekly sessions
  • 10 sessions (extended where clinically necessary, maximum 20 sessions)
  • Safe and confidential space for the children to explore and work through their difficulties
  • Use of play, art and sand therapy to help the children feel comfort and security in the room

Journey of Hope – NEW

  • Group work (up to 8 children)
  • 8 week programme designed to explore through a range of activities and games, to improve emotional well-being, strengthen communication skills and peer relationships
  • Each session focuses on a different theme and covers a range of emotions
  • Each child will only do and say what they feel they can and want to


Parent Workshop - Children's Mental Health Support


If you would like further details or to be referred for any of these services please contact:

Beany Cannon

Tel:  0208 422 3854

Email: fcannon@horsenden.ealing.sch.uk

You can also make contact through the school office email: admin@horsenden.ealing.sch.uk