Our science curriculum develops active citizens who grow to understand the world around them by investigating, questioning, testing and challenging it. Science lessons foster a healthy curiosity about our universe and promotes respect for living and non-living things.

Pupils will come to understand that they live in a changing world where science research and findings are shared and discussed more than ever before. Science lessons allow them the opportunities to develop the language to discuss, explore, investigate and hypothesise whilst engaging in hands-on, practical experiences. 

Pupils begin to explore the world during the Foundation stage in the area of ‘Understanding the World’. As they move into Key Stage 1 and then to Key Stage 2, key themes are built upon within the disciplines of biology, chemistry and physics and over time, pupils’ knowledge and understanding is systematically developed, as is their application of scientific skills. We ensure that the Working Scientifically skills are built on and developed from year to year, and we ensure that pupils can apply these skills when using equipment, conducting experiments, building arguments and explaining concepts confidently and continue to ask questions and be curious about their surroundings.

Trips and visits enrich the science curriculum and allow pupils to have first-hand experiences of their learning as well as speak to experts in their fields.

Curriculum Documents

 Whole School Science Curriculum Map:

Knowledge Organisers

Knowledge organisers capture the key knowledge and vocabulary that pupils will be taught in each unit of learning. They are used by class teachers and pupils in various ways to help pupils remember key information. Parents and carers can support pupils at home by discussing what they've been learning in science, using the knowledge organiser to guide discussions.





Science: Curriculum in Action

Year 2 explore underwater habitats

Nursery Ducklings Experience

Year 1 Animal Roadshow

Year 5 STEM Workshop

Year 2 Habitat Heroes

Reception trip to the Science Museum

Falconry UK visit Reception

Year 4 visit the Science Museum

Year 5 explore the universe!

Year 2 science mission: create a safe place for mini beasts at Horsenden Primary

A week to celebrate all things 'STEM' at Horsenden!