At Horsenden Primary we believe that good behaviour and high expectations are fundamental to a successful learning environment. Good behaviour results from clear and high expectations, mutual respect and a well-planned and delivered curriculum that stimulates pupils to learn, ask questions, be challenged and extend themselves. 

We recognise the importance of clear and consistent classroom routines, high expectations for learning and behaviour and a rewards and sanctions system which is explicit and applied consistently for all.

Our Behaviour Policy is based upon positive reinforcement with a focus on the choices pupils make. Positive choices are acknowledged and rewarded, for example with Class Dojo, certificates and verbal praise. Poor choices are discussed, verbal warnings are issued and, if the behaviour is not improved, pupils receive sanctions as laid out in the school’s Behaviour Policy. Our policy promotes self-regulation and reflective thinking, including through our MindUP programme, and aims to provide pupils with the tools to learn from their experiences.

 The Golden Rules

At Horsenden Primary School we follow the 6 ‘Golden Rules’ which can be found in each classroom, as well as in the playgrounds:

  • We are kind and helpful
  • We are gentle
  • We listen to others
  • We are honest
  • We work hard
  • We look after property 

The HORSE Code and Class Codes of Conduct

The Golden Rules are underpinned by our whole school values which are set out in the HORSE Code, which can be seen below. The Golden Rules and HORSE Code are visible in all classrooms and around shared areas of the school. At the beginning of the school year, pupils are also given the opportunity to discuss school rules with their teachers. Each class must record a ‘Code of Conduct’ for their classroom which will be developed with the teacher guiding pupils towards an agreed way of working within the classroom. These will be based on the Golden Rules and HORSE Code. This will be an A3 poster with 6 – 8 agreed guidelines which is signed by both pupils and the class teacher.

Classroom Traffic Lights

All pupils have a traffic light system next to the Golden Rules poster in their classrooms and at the start of each school day, their name cards begin on the green light. This ensures that all pupils know they are starting the day afresh and with a “clean slate”. It is expected that all pupils will remain on this colour for the entirety of the school day.

However, if behaviour choices are poor, a pupil may move through the traffic light system if they have continued to ignore the verbal warnings issued. In cases of serious misbehaviour, a child could move straight from the green light to red light if they perform a serious misbehaviour. The types of behaviours that might trigger this are clearly laid out in the Behaviour Policy, linked below.

If a child reaches the red traffic light they will receive a sanction (such as missing break or lunch time play or receiving a coaching conversation with a member of SLT). A Red Letter will also be issued and emailed through to the child’s parent. It is hoped that these letters will allow for a further conversation at home, between parent and child, to further emphasis that this behaviour is unacceptable.