Remote Learning

The document below is intended to provide clarity and transparency to pupils and parents/carers about what to expect from remote education where national or local restrictions require entire cohorts to remain at home: 

Remote Learning Parent Survey

Thank you to those that completed our parent survey about remote learning in Spring 1, 2021. We had 167 responses from families. We wanted to share with you some of the feedback from the survey and how we are responding. 


Quotes from parents:


 ‘The video links explain the work well as my daughter can re-watch and learn at her own pace, pause and make notes.’


‘We have been very impressed with the quality of lessons and videos/worksheets that have been created. Although it's tough on our child being away from school he is very happy seeing all of his teachers and happy to complete work that they have asked him to do.’


‘We can choose the time when we want to work. All videos are available all time, even in the afternoon. It is important because I work from home.’


‘The work is of appropriate length and is also structured very nicely.’


‘It’s nice to see the videos and that we are being shown what to do. Also, we receive very positive and encouraging feedback from his teacher when he completes his work. This makes him very happy.’




of parents strongly agreed/agreed that the school is providing a good variety of learning tasks in different subjects.
of parents strongly agreed/agreed that learning tasks are clear and accessible for my child. 
of parents said yes the feedback that their child receives from their teacher helps them to make progress. 




You said We've done

1. Some of the videos are too long.






We have asked teachers to limit the length of the videos to 15 minutes. Sometimes when teachers want to introduce new vocabulary or model new methods of working when teaching new concepts, this can make the videos a bit longer. We have suggested that in these instances, teachers may want to produce an extra video which children can access if they feel they need more input.


2. Some parents are worried that they cannot support their children as much as they would like to.





Most children should be able to access the work independently on Google Classroom. It is important that they complete the activities provided on their own. If they are struggling to access the activities, please let your teacher know. Your teacher may be able to provide some more highly differentiated work, some additional resources or some additional videos for your child to access.


3. Parents are a bit worried about the amount of screen time.




We have introduced a screen free afternoon once per week. During this time your children will be asked to complete more physical activities or challenges that are still linked to the curriculum, but will not require a screen to complete.


4. You aren’t sure if your child is getting feedback or where to find it.





There are a number of ways your children will receive feedback, this can be through private comments if you submitted the work on Google Classroom, via email from the class teacher, or through the small group Google meet sessions. After half term teachers will make it clearer to parents which pieces of work will receive more detailed feedback so you will know to look out for it.


5. Some parents would like more live sessions.





All classes will have access to a class celebration assembly as well as small group Google Meet session focusing on feedback each week.

We have had a lot of positive feedback from parents about the pre-recorded videos. This is working for most parents, so we will continue to pre-record our lessons and make them available on Google Classroom daily.