COVID 19 Updates

On this page you will find our updated plans for returning to school, as well as details of our full risk assessment. In the risk assessment you will be able to read more about how we as a school aim to meet the essential measures which are required to keep everyone safe. 

Dropping off and collecting from school - Summer 2021

Entry and exit times to school have been staggered so as to avoid bubbles coming into contact with one another. It is very important that you bring your child to the correct entrance and at the correct time slot, this is for the safety of all adults and children. The table below lists the entry and exit points and timings for your year group.

Please noteParents that have siblings must drop all siblings to the school at the time that the earliest sibling starts, and collect all siblings at the time that the latest sibling finishes. This will ensure that one adult only needs to enter the site once to drop off and collect all of their children.

 Drop off and collection times:

Year Group Entry Time / Entrance Point Exit Time / Exit Point
Year 6

08:45 - Elton Avenue

14:45 - Elton Avenue

Year 5

08:55 - Elton Avenue

14:55 - Elton Avenue

Year 4

09:05 - Elton Avenue

15:05 - Elton Avenue

Year 3

08:55 - Horsenden Lane

14:55 - Horsenden Lane

Year 2

08:45 - Horsenden Lane

14:45 - Horsenden Lane

Year 1

09:05 - Horsenden Lane

15:05 - Horsenden Lane


09:15 - Elton Avenue

15:15 - Elton Avenue

Nursery (morning session)

08:35 - Elton Avenue

11:30 - Elton Avenue

Nursery (afternoon session) 12:20 - Elton Avenue

15:20 - Elton Avenue

Snacks at breaktime

As some lunchtimes will now be later due to the staggered lunchtimes for each year group, we advise that you bring in a piece of fruit or vegetable snack with your child that they can eat during their morning break.



Supporting your child's return to school